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Wallrice Faux Stone · Product Data

Wallrice Faux Stone · Product Data

Wallrice faux stone,made of composite polyurethane material,is a new type of environmentally friendly decorative wall panel.With reference to western architectural style,through elaborate designing and forging,Wallrice faux stone is fashion,eco-friendly,and different from other stonelike decorative material.The main features of Wallrice faux stone are,heat insulated,lightweight,waterproof,fire resistant,mothproof,anti-mold,anti-crack,durable,easy to clean.It can be nailed,sawed,peeled,and it's washable,paintable,crackless,distortionless.Easy and convenient on installation,suitable for both indoor and outdoor wall decoration. 


Product Performances and Functions:


    Good Weather Resistance

    Wallrice faux stone is made of a special polyurethane formulation that has been tested on durability,UV resistance and other elements,so you do not have to worry about climate change that will degrade your product.This product passes the US SGS ANSI Z-124 color test.In an independent laboratory,the product is subjected to more than 3,000 hours of xenon light testing (equivalent to 20 years of outdoor use),the result is Wallrice faux stone remains the same as testing before,without any fade,brittle or other issues.Using gap design on the back of the panel,circulating rain and air,reduces their force to the wall and protect the product itself.


    Waterproof & Fire Resistant

    Wallrice faux stone is 100% waterproof,and has good fire resistance.After 15 minutes of burning test on surface,our product can prevent the spread of fire effectively.Fire leaves the product,flame extinguishes.


    Strong Hardness

    The product has a good impact resistance and toughness,hardness reaches 80SI,a 5-pound hammer can not crack it.


    Wind Resistance

    Wallrice faux stone passes the US RADCO wind energy detection,under the circumstance of either the strong wind or weak wind, our products perform well,no loose,break or deformation.


    Environmental Protection & Energy Conservation

    The R-value of Wallrice faux stone is 4.5 per inch of thickness,R-value is the thermal conductivity of the building material, installing Wallrice faux stone on outdoor walls,it can reduce the cost of heating and cooling naturally,so to help conserve energy.


    Lightweight & Authentic Stone Look

    Wallrice faux stone is made of light-weight polyurethane material.casting from real stone mold,the unique manufacturing process gives Wallrice faux stone the same appearance as the real stone.It is the wall decoration material with highest simulation to stones on the market.



    Wallrice faux stone can be used for interior and exterior wall decorations: windowsill,porch pillars,wall protections,fireplace decoration,TV wall, the entrance or part of the wall decorations.


    Easy to install

    The product is designed as insert structure,with tongue side,groove and reserved seam,you just need to make the corresponding collage,and then fixed with screws,without any glue.easy and clean,solid and durable.


    Low maintenance

    No need for additional maintenance,no extra color or waterproof paint,it itself is decorative and waterproof.For cleaning on indoor,just wipe with a damp towel,for cleaning on outdoor,just rinse with a water pipe.As the panel is painted inside the mold,even after years,the color will still look new.



    Traditional culture stone installation method:wall cleaning,tiling,filling,time for drying takes 5 to 7 days.It's much easier to install Wallrice faux stone on home or commercial area decoration,normally takes 1 ~ 2 days with the simple installation tool,DIY available,which saves time,labor cost and material cost,and reduce much of the confusion caused by decoration.For the large-scale projects,the advantages of Wallrice faux stone on low-cost and high-efficiency are more obvious.

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