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  • Why Decorate Your Home With Pu Stone Panels?

    Why Decorate Your Home With Pu Stone Panels?

    2022-08-26 [ Industry News ]

      PU Stone Panel is a decorative element that provides a huge amount of advantages and benefits beyond visual appearance. With this kind of decorative panels you can make your dreams of having a traditional or rustic house combined with a modern touch come true. Besides, and due to the wide range of textures, colors and shapes available, decoration possibilities are infinite.     Where can the pu faux stones be used? Whether you want to have a cosy lounge with pu stone panels that match your fireplace or simply want to give a radical change to the walls of your home, our decora......


  • The Cost Savings of Polyurethane Faux Stone

    The Cost Savings of Polyurethane Faux Stone

    2022-08-25 [ Industry News ]

    Polyurethane stone is a manufactured faux stone product. Polyurethane faux stone was designed to make a realistic looking stone panel that is extremely easy to install.   To make these faux stone panels, the polyurethane is poured into molds that have been cast from real stacked stone.   These panels look truly authentic since they are cast from real stone.   Faux polyurethane stone panels have a nailing flange so they can be fastened directly to a wall using easily accessible tools such as a chop saw, table saw, and drill. The cost of the polyurethane faux stone panels is almo......


  • Life Time Zoon

    Life Time Zoon

    2017-07-25 [ Industry News ]

    New York is 3 hours ahead of California,but it does not make California slow.Someone graduated at the age of 22,but waited 5 years before securing a good job!Someone became a CEO at 25,and died at 50.While another became a CEO at 50,and lived to 90 years.Someone is still single,while someone else got married.Obama retires at&nbs......


  • Technical Characteristics and Advantages of 3D Wall Panels

    Technical Characteristics and Advantages of 3D Wall Panels

    2017-07-19 [ Industry News ]

    3D wall panels are a range of inexpensive decorative and textured wall panels that have patterns curved on them. A 3D wall panel can make a big difference in how your walls and house look like. They give the room a nice architectural feel and do not cost a lot of money. Instead of conventional walls with simple painting, you should use Wallrice 3D wall panelsThey are cheaper, better looking, and more efficient than you can ever imagine. 3D wall panels tend to give the room a central focal point. This is where all the other elements in the room flow from. Depending on the material used to make ......


  • Wallrice 3D Decorative Wall Panels

    Wallrice 3D Decorative Wall Panels

    2017-07-17 [ Industry News ]

    Wallrice 3D decorative wall panels can be installed in tile format adding beautification to the walls.  Wallrice 3d wall panels constitute of high quality PVC and are easy to be affixed on wall with joints properly filled to give a beautiful 3D wall. Each textured wall is attractive when it is illuminated with different forms of up and down light.If we want to bring more beauty to these 3D wall panels it can be painted with any normal paint and specialized paint of any color. Decorating of walls with Wallrice 3D wall panels with exiting decorative design or texture either covers......


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