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Hexagonal 3D Wall Panels Wallrice
Hexagonal 3D Wall Panels Wallrice

Hexagonal 3D Wall Panels Wallrice

Product ID : S047
Product Tags : Blossom Geometry
Product Attributes :

These 3D Wall Panels  are easy to cut, easy to install, and they look amazing! 

Product Description

* DO NOT PAINT the 3D wall panels before installation. Paint them AFTER. They will curl up and be hard to install if you paint them first.
* You'll need to glue them on. Use gorilla glue construction adhesive is fine.
* If you don't already have one, get a cartridge gun so you'll actually be able to use your glue.
* You'll need to cut them to fit. An ordinary utility knife works for peeling, and industrial strength cutters work well for bigger cuts.
* The tiles are hollow, so when you cut them, if the open end is not against a wall, you'll probably want to spackle it in, sand it down, and paint over it.
* You can do these very close to seamlessly without painting them, if tiles have a tiny seam between them that can be caulked over and painted to become seamless.


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