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3D Wall Panel Branches, White, 19.7
3D Wall Panel Branches, White, 19.7

3D Wall Panel Branches, White, 19.7

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Product Description

We focus on producing 3D wall panel.

Firmly cooperated with raw material factory for over 20 years,our material guarantees us keeping offering stable quality PVC 3D wall panel worldwide,admitted by our customers on quality control.

All our molds are made of aluminum so our panels are in precise structure with accurate lines and corners.

Cutting the edges with CNC machines makes the edges of our 3d wall panels straight,when each piece fixes together there's scarcely visible gap alongside.

As a factory we'll support on you and promise to be your faithful and trustful supplier,as we can supply you with stable quality products in low cost,prefession creates quality.What makes us trusted by customers is we offer effective after sale service,we believe our products and service will give you an edge over your competitors!



Wallrice 3D decorative wall panel is a wonderful source of providing extra beauty to home & commecial interior walls. 

These wall panels are easy to install and are eco-friendly.



It gives the look and feeling that two- dimensional coatings,panels and wall papers cannot be matched.

Different patterns providing natural look to waves or bubbles on water brings a sense of movement on blank interior wall.



Use of accent color brings changing of shadows as day turns its position to night.

120+ Most Creative And Stylish Wall Decor Ideas For Modernistic Homes,Offices and Shops.



Wallrice 3D decorative wall panel provide unique beautification to walls.Its looks are completely different in appearance. 

With its decorative element its performance is excellent.Different types of 3D wall panels have its own appreciable beauty.


100 % Waterproof




Enhanced Durability


Rapid installation

Rapid installation

Differences between fiber plant and PVC 3d panels

Differences between fiber plant and PVC 3d panels.png

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