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High Density Damproof PVC Fire Rated 3D Wall Decoration Panel
High Density Damproof PVC Fire Rated 3D Wall Decoration Panel

High Density Damproof PVC Fire Rated 3D Wall Decoration Panel

Product ID : S002
Product Tags : 3D Wall Art
Product Attributes :

1.Made From Premium Quality Matt White or Colored PVC, No Paint, No Odour, No Fading, No Color Tolerance.

2.Waterproof, Fire-resistant, Lightweight,UV-resistnat,High-Impact,Scratch-resistant, Elegant, Durable, Easy DIY

3.Multiple Layers Raised Geometric Crossing Lines Pattern, Transform A Dull Space Into Inspiring Instantly

4.Material Thickness 0.041" (Solid 1MM);Size: 19.7" x 19.7" (500mm*500mm);Allows Fast Installation Over Big Projects With Construction Glue / Nail Free Glue / Contact Adhesive.

5.Recommended Use: Living Room / Bedroom / Kitchen Room / TV Background / Feature Walls / Ceiling etc.

Product Description

Why Choose Us As Your 3D Wall Panel Supplier

Firmly cooperated with raw material factory for over 20 years,our material guarantees us keeping offering stable quality decorative PVC 3D wall panel worldwide,admitted by our customers on quality control.

All our molds are made of aluminum so our panels are in precise structure with accurate lines and corners.

Cutting the edges with CNC machines makes the edges of our 3d wall panels straight,when each piece fixes together there's scarcely visible gap alongside.

With strict quality control and effective productivity,referring to our experience of production schedule,in condition not interrupting existing production arrangement,for new orders we can finish and send out
300sqm order in 1 day,
1000sqm orders in 3 days,
2000sqm orders in 5 days,
3000sqm orders in 1 week,
Container orders in 2 weeks.

As the original factory we'll support on you and promise to be your faithful and trustful supplier,as we ait to supply you with stable quality products on lowest cost,and we offer prefessional export service,if necessary we'll guide you how to buy from China and arrange all kinds of shipment you need and help you fetch the cargo on your side.Prefession creates quality.What makes us trusted by customers is we offer effective after sale service,we believe our products and service will give you an edge over your competitors and support you offering premium products to consumers in the long term

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Wallrice 3D Wall Panel Features

  • Wallrice 3D decorative wall panel is a wonderful source of providing extra beauty to home & commecial interior walls.
  • The 3D panels feature a embossed design that will bring life to your walls. made from rigid 1mm thick vinyl,they are thermoformed from molds with precise 3D effect and are durable for decades.

  • Excellent for remodeling or new construction, the 3D panels trim easily with scissors,can light openings and smaller grid spaces at the edge of the walls.
  • It provides unique beautification to walls,the looks are completely different in appearance. The performance of this decorative element is excellent,different 3D wall panels have its own appreciable beauty.

  • Wallon 3D panel gives the look and feeling that 2D coatings,panels and wall papers cannot be matched.
  • Different patterns providing natural look to waves or bubbles brings a sense of movement on blank interior wall.
  • Use of accent color brings changing of shadows as day turns its position to night.

  • All of our  3D tiles are Waterproof, Moisture-Proof, Light Weight, Very Easy To Cut And Install.
  • 150+ most creative and stylish wall decor ideas for modernistic residential (room, TV background, bed headboards, dining room,children’s rooms) and Commercial (hotels, receptions, restaurants, offices, meeting rooms and stores).

  • Wallrice is the original manufacturer of PVC 3D wall panels.
  • We focus on Easy DIY, environment-friendly, elegant and affordable products that allow our customers add value to their living space or increase life experience without much expense and involved.
  • Wallrice PVC 3D Decorative Wall Panels Will Wake Up Your Walls And Bring Them To Life!

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Installation Guide

• Make sure that the surface you are going to install the tiles on is clean, smooth and free of loose paint.


• Plan the layout of the panels on the wall before you start installation. Use a level to ensure straight lines.

• You may use the following to mount your wall tiles…
-Solvent based contact glue (Contact Cement by DAP(red can) or LePage(blue can) - original formula).
-Double-sided foam mounting tape.
-Removable mounting strips.

• If painting, use spray paint or paint spray gun.

• When covering an entire wall with your Wallon 3d wall panels, you will probably need to cut some tiles. The tiles can be cut with a standard utility knife or power tool.

We recommend using blades or bits, designed for finishing work. This will ensure the cleanest cut. When using power tools always follow manufacturer’s suggestions for equipment use and safety precautions.

Tools Required:
• Measuring tape.
• Utility knife (with new blade) or power cutting tool.
• Chalk line.
• Level.



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Waterproof 3D Wall Panels

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